mlAlpha_02 MyLab™ALPHA with eHD Technology and CrystaLine (NEW PRODUCT)

CrystaLine improve imaging in difficult to scan patients. Major technical improvements provided by CrystaLine include the CPI Technology to increase depth of field, improving the imaging of deep structures in difficult-to scan individuals….read more

mlSeven_01 MyLab™Seven with eHD Technology and CrystaLine (NEW PRODUCT)

MyLab™Seven with eHD Technology and Crystaline is an innovative ultrasound system able to deliver high-class performance and compact size in cardiac, vascular, ob/gyn and general imaging applications. The wide 16:10 LCD monitor and large sized high-definition touch-screen reflect the main philosophy of the system: Productivity in Real-time, means better diagnosis in less time..read more

mlTwice_02 MyLab™Twice with eHD Technology (NEW PRODUCT)

The MyLab™Twice with eHD Technology and the unique “Twice Ultrasound Vision” are designed to deliver a system combining premium performance and point-of-care Ultrasound. With its intuitive interface, from first sight the visual impact of the MyLab™Twice is as simple as never before seen for such a level of ultrasound scanner. The most important controls are ergonomically located to make all operations both easy and fast...read more

header_tp702 T/Pump Professional TP702

The T/Pump® Professional system provides safe and effective localized warming and cooling therapy with precise temperature control. It is effective for chronic pain relief and patient comfort in orthopedic conditions such as acute back pain and muscle strain and spasm, skin trauma such as bruises, contusions and burns, chronic arthritis, tendonitis, neuritis, phlebitis, I.V. infiltration, infection and localized pain...read more

P8000P-1 P8000 Power

P8000 Power is the 12ch electrocardiograph with LCD and direct keys able to faithfully assist you in your job, from the simplest to the hardest one. The five soft keys combined with the user-friendly interface allow quick navigation through the P8000 Power functions and settings...read more

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